TimeSheet Calcutor

  1. Enter Time in 24 hour Formate.
  2. You can Enter the timings from Monday to Sunday.
  3. Use IN Box to Enter the time of work starting.
  4. Use OUT Box to Enter time of leaving.
  5. There are three Shifts for one day. Use according to your requirements.
  6. Get Results of each day total Hours in the Pink Box below each day.
  7. Enter the Date OF pay Slip.
  8. Enter Over time if any.
  9. Enter Employe Name In Name Box(Yellow button).
  10. Enter Hourly Rate$ in box against $ per Hour Button.
  11. You will get Total Amount to be paid in Amount Box
  12. Use Clear Button to Clean the entire sheet written.
  13. Use Print Button To Print the complete TimeCard.
  14. Use Email Box if you want to recieve the complete TimeCard at your Email ID.

(Please enter hours in 24 hour format)
Total {{ timeSlot.day.substr(0,3) }}
{{parseInt(timeSlot.dayTime/60)}} Hr {{timeSlot.dayTime%60}} Min

Total Time
Hourly Rate

Overtime Hrs
Total Pay




Timesheet Calculator- The simplest Application to Record Wages

Gone are the days when you had to depend on anyone for preparing timesheet and for maintaining record of your employees' business hours. You have been living in 21st century in which there is a great advancement in science and technology. Everything has become computerized these days. In fact, things have moved a step forward and rather than getting computerized, these are being done online because of World Wide Web. There are many online tools and applications that you can use for free and that can help to make your daily tasks very easy. When it comes to calculating time or preparing time sheet, there are many such applications. Let's review one of those apps that are named as Timesheet with overtime Calculator.

What is a Timesheet Calculator?

Timesheet Calculator is an application by which you can easily make and maintains schedule of time. This application can be used in organizations in order to maintain working hours of employees so as to keep record of their wages. You can't imagine how simply you can prepare timesheet with the help of this application. For all the days of the week, you are supposed to enter working hours individually and then this application will count them all together so as to provide you total working hours. You can keep record of employees individually and then you can come up hours of all employees so as to know how much you have to pay in total. There is no need to hire someone for maintaining wages record but you can do it independently and simply. Hence, you must try out this application if you want to make your business tasks easy and more productive.

How does it work?

timesheet with overtime calculator

You don't need to learn anything in order to use this application and you don't even need to watch tutorials and to waste your time. It is such a simple application that you can easily get to know how to use it. When you will visit homepage of Timesheet Calculator, you will find that there are sheets for all the seven days of the week. In those sheets, you have to enter in and out time and then timesheet calculator with lunch break will calculate total time by itself. You can calculate working time of employees before lunch and after lunch for a specific day. In the same way, you will keep record of all the days like Monday, Tuesday and up to Sunday. In some organizations, Saturdays and Sundays are usually off days. You can keep the sheets of those days empty. Don't you think how simple it is for you to calculate working time of your employees! At the bottom, you will see that you can maintain invoices of different employees in a very simple way. You have to enter in name of your employee, date, only rate and over time. Total pay will be calculated in this application automatically. You can either print this invoice or save it in your email.

Uses of Timesheet Calculator:

The usage of this application depends on your personal requirements. You can use it according to your own business but here are a few ideas how you can make use of this application:

Employers use it for paying wages:

Employers make use of Timesheet Calculator in order to calculate wages of their employees. What is required in order to calculate wages! Definitely you have to know working time of each employee for this purpose. Once you will be able to easily keep record of working time, it will be no issue to find out wages. Many organizations have been using this time calculator in order to keep record of their employees' earnings independently and simply. Your accountant may make mistakes either intentionally or in intentionally while maintaining timesheet but you can maintain it yourself within no time. Therefore, it is better to keep record of your employees’ wages by yourself.

Teachers use it for scheduling time tables:

Not only organizations have been using this application for maintain record of wages but it is being used in schools by teachers for variety of reasons. With the help of Timesheet Calculator, you can casual your time table and you can keep record of different study periods in a much simpler way. For all the days of the week, you are required to enter in and out time of your students. You can make use of timesheet calculator with lunch break because you can keep record of work time before and after lunch break. In the same way, you have to record details for all the days of the week and there you go! At the end of the week, you can evaluate how much time was utilized by students for different subjects.


In this age of Technology and Science, everything has become digital and same is the case with recording salaries of your employees. Gone are the days when you had to hire someone specifically for maintaining record of your employees' wages. You can simply do it by yourself by using timesheet calculator. With the help of this application, you can keep record of all of your employees individually and even you can add up total working time of all the employees so that you can have an idea how much you have to pay them. Your time is precious and even your money is precious. Therefore, you will feel that your financial matters will get better and easy to manage through this simple and multipurpose application. Try it and feel the great difference in your business tasks. Many organizations have already been using this time calculator and they are getting extraordinary output.